Adorn up Your Wardrobe With Distinct Festival Sarees


It’s that time of the year where every woman out there starts obsessing over Indian fusion wear. There’s a certain charm to festive sarees and garments that keep us tied to our roots.

Also, the palette of colors and intricate patterns employ ultimate testaments to their mesmerizing allure and grace. Their hues and designs themselves reflect the joy that accompanies the festive season. The beauty in the diversity of festive sarees travels throughout the country weaving and mixing cultures together. Some women get puzzled while choosing to get one as per height, body built and skin complexion. One could go on hours-long searches on google to find the trendiest wardrobe inspirations. So to save time, here is a collection of elegant

designer-like festive sarees that are impossible to resist. Linen Drape for Diwali

Diwali wardrobe is never complete without an ethnic saree folded in there. This might be the reason they keep going out of stock. This festive saree lets one flaunt her hourglass figure like nothing else, and no wonder why it is so popular among Bollywood actresses. It makes the heavy look light and without any need for ornamentation, does all the talking!

Signature Weave

From uniqueness in draping to a play with gorgeous color schemes, this festive saree is distinctive in the truest sense. Synonymous with Bengal’s finest weaving technique, it is a hallmark of Indian saree culture. It sparks the zeal of celebration the moment it’s worn. Pair it with chunky earrings, some bangles and rings, and there you are!

Supernet Cotton Saree

Another exquisite festive saree, known to give a rare combination of luxury and richness, is woven from high-quality silk and vibrant colors. Its fine transparent weave, attractive embellishment and beautiful borders, stitch up for a captivating look. Bewitching block prints of geometrical shapes and batik floral work beautify the saree. Further, handmade designs and fabric prints elevate one’s festive saree look in subtlety.


Silk Saree

One of the most popular festive sarees, it is rich in color and thick in texture, and is known for its strikingly gold embroidery. It combines artistic finesse with matchless craftsmanship to give a stunning look on any occasion. Often paired with a trendy accessory it’s a staple for Indian fusion wear lovers. To add to it, it is fit for an Indian princess who wants the chic fashion statement along with a pinch of tradition.

Fusion Cotton Saree

For the ones who love to globalize yet remain close to the Indian heart - this festive saree is the most fascinating. The unique part about this saree is that the lustre of the fabric itself steals the show. It is highly admirable with pre-draped and pre-styled followed by ultra-comfort and movement-friendly fit. It doesn’t even budge in the most vigorous dance moves and takes literally seconds to put on!

Pro-tip, in Indian fusion wear, embroideries are making a big comeback for the festive season. Women across all ages don’t refrain from adorning festive saree that looks hot with ethnicity. So without hesitations, go for the one that enriches your aura and the new-age look will follow.

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