Slay it and Stay Cool in Summers

Summers are here and the need to wear comfortable and breathable fabrics is there. Not to forget we also choose outfits to help us to look stylish and elegant. And when it comes to saris, we tend to choose those that are natural and man-made such as cotton, linen or silk. These fabrics include designs that are fashionable and can bring comfort. Avoid wearing synthetic fabrics, nylon or polyester. Listed below are some of the fabrics that are included in our collection and are easy to wear.

  1. Cotton

Popular for its comfort and elegance, cotton is one of the most natural fabrics that is known to be extracted from fibrous balls found in cotton plant. What is interesting is that cotton saris are also considered a favorite even to a newbie! During summers, these fabrics are breathable and include small hollow gaps that allow it to release and absorb perspiration quickly. We have a wide range of cotton silk and cotton saris with a combination of comfort and panache for every quintessential Indian woman.  Cotton is a blessing in disguise as it helps in passing air through its fiber, keeping the wearer’s body cool and sweat free. This makes it an excellent choice to wear during summers. And you can never go wrong with a cotton sari and you can always team it up with a shirt or that crop top.

  1. Silk

The smoothness of this fabric is tempting and comfortable to wear during summers. Silk includes natural protein structure and hypoallergenic properties that offers breathable space. This fabric also easily absorbs sweat and is perfect to wear during those important occasions during summer.  Browse through our collection of exotic silk saris available in bright and classy colors, we are sure you will be spoilt for choice! Include one of our silk saris in your wardrobe and look like a diva! You can always style your blouse by going for off-shoulder, straps or sleeveless to add a hint of elegance.

  1. Linen

Linen is another popular fabric that is well known for its durability and comfort. This fabric is two or three times stronger than cotton and is the most breathable fabric available. It is easy to wash and is extremely lightweight. Saris created with this fabric are a great option to wear during summers to highlight your silhouette.

  1. Sheer

One of the most styled fabrics and outfits to be in is sheer and so designers are in love with this beautiful fabric. Unlike other fabrics, designers believe that sheer adds grace and elegance. That is also one of the reasons, why you will notice even during the popular fashion week; designers love to include outfits in this fabric. Known to have a similar relation with cotton, this fabric is a great option to choose during summers. These come in a variety of stylish elements that include, tulle, lace or lightweight crochet designs to make a picture perfect style statement while keeping you cool and comfortable.

The heat will slowly build up but don’t let that bother you while shopping for your favorite saris from our website. Pick a sari that has that color to match your mood and style it according to the event you will be attending to look, do not forget to accessorize your sari with your favorite pair of earrings and your footwear. After all comfort begins when you wear a sari that accentuates grace and individuality.