The Comfort of Cotton Sarees

When it comes to choosing what material to go for while buying a saree, cotton seems to be the most popular and comfortable. And not to forget is the most easy to wear and carry. You may wear it from morning till the late in the evening without slightest irritation. Easy to drape, the cotton saree accentuates every curve of your body, and not to forget is gentle on the skin too.


Wide collections, high demand

Cotton sarees are in demand and you will also find a huge collection available too in the world of fashion. These sarees also fall under the budget friendly tag. They are not too expensive, are known to be one of the stronger fabrics and can suit any skin type.


Stylish and Graceful

There was a time when cotton sarees suited only particular age group and chiffon or georgette sarees were preferred by the young generation. But today’s generation wishes to experiment with cotton sarees not because it’s easy to wear but also because there varieties available that make the wearer look stylish and graceful.



Elegant to Wear

Cotton sarees can be easily draped, folded and pinned as per to your wish. The fear of saree getting shifted near the pallu or at the folds is less. And you do not have to worry about the saree getting shifted. You can always select your choice of cotton saree here.

From Ajrak print to Sambhalpuri, Kanchi Cotton to Bandhej, Aumi offers sarees woven with richness by including elegance and beauty to bring out your personality.


Designer sarees

Aumi offers wide range of designer cotton sarees that are wearable especially during this wedding season. Breathable and effective, these sarees are also light weight and eliminates the problem of stinking. Cotton sarees are different from the other variety of sarees.

Cotton sarees are worn by 90% of women who believe in comfort more than fashion or styling. Ask any saree enthusiast, they simply love cotton sarees for its simplicity.

At Aumi, you will find different kinds of sarees in bandhej print and in other different varieties, in soothing and vibrant colors that will suit according to the occasion and your body type. There is a huge collection of sarees on our website that includes huge selection of styles, hues and patterns. Get spoilt for
choice as there are more varieties to choose be it for any occasion.


Simple and Graceful

You can never deny the fact that cotton sarees are the coolest and also because there are zero chances of drooping. You can look impeccably stylish when you drape this woven piece of cotton and does not make you look shabby or out of place. Even after having a long and tiring day, you may get tired but your cotton saree would not have moved an inch from its place especially when you have tucked and pinned it properly. 

Accessorize with your favorite jewelry on your cotton saree that will complement along with a handbag and shoes to match your saree. And you are all ready to dazzle at that function!