The #Latchthelaunch Event Overview

In this mercurial world of fashion, where trends arrive and vanish, we strive day and night to maintain that one thing that is forever dear to us- The bond that we share with you as our customers. With an intention of expressing our gratitude, for the love you have shown us over the years, we had brought you- ‘Latch the launch’ contest. 

At the beginning we announced that we were to reveal a new product line and you had to 'make the right guess' as to which fashion segment the product line would belong to. We picked five lucky winners from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, who participated in our contest through our website. We were simply overwhelmed with the participation and the number of contestants who correctly deduced that we were coming up with an ultra-fresh collection of fusion wear, created and crafted by our in-house designers.


The five lucky winners were introduced to the new product line during a special showcase. The ‘Latch the Launch’ event was not just about catching a glimpse at the new product line or receiving huge gift hampers; it was our chance to connect with you in person, to be obliged to see your smiling faces and to strike beautiful conversations with each one of you.


It was an engaging experience for us as we could gain wonderful insights into the diversity and culture of our customers. And in the end, we witnessed for ourselves that how a single length of garment that we lovingly call a ‘Saree’ binds multitude of cultures and backgrounds.


It was a pleasure to have our lucky winners who lit up our fun-filled office space with their presence. The evening was spent over scrumptious nibbles along with conversations about fashion, trends and our new collection. As a token of our appreciation we presented the lucky winners with king-size gift hampers. While we celebrated the launch of our Fusion wear collection we were honoured to receive your compliments. We cannot wait to unveil our combination of classic and contemporary garments for all of you and we promise that the initiative will be a splendid one.