Various Festivals in India


India has always been known as the ‘land of festivals’ and these are those special moments or occasion for people to bond and celebrate. There are about 24 festivals that are celebrated in India and women proudly dress up in the best of saris and their favorite ornaments. Festivals help in uniting people from across several religions, cultures and states.

The significance of celebrating these festivals is that not only does it mean dressing up for the occasion but also indicates a sense of harmony, peace and amalgamation amongst everyone. Different gifts are exchanged and this teaches the valuable lesson of caring and sharing for each other.

The celebration of these festivals kicks starts especially during the month of Shravan (in July-August) where people all over pray to Lord Shiva. It is during the month of Shraavan that ‘Raksha Bandhan’ and ‘Janmashtami’ are also celebrated. The importance of ‘Raksha Bandhan’ is such that women dress up especially for this auspicious occasion. Bright and pastel colors are adorned during this festival to bring in the spirit of the brother-sister relationship that is the most treasured and timeless bond.

Post which people in India gear up for Janmashtami – celebration of Lord Krishna. Not only at Krishna’s birth place but everywhere too the orange or yellow color saris are adorned to celebrate this auspicious festival.

Down South, people celebrate the festival of Onam where women wear the Kerala kasavu sari that is a handwoven white colored cloth complemented with golden border and includes intricately designed zari weaving work in shape of peacock, floral or paisley.

As the month of Shraavan ends, Ganesh Chaturthi starts off with a massive celebration particularly witnessed in Maharashtra where women wear their ‘nathani’ or a nose jewelry along with the favorite way of draping the sari – the ‘kashti’ style. 

And the celebration does not stop after the visarjan or immersion of Ganesh idol.  The festival of ‘Navratri’ or  ‘nine nights’ begin and brings with it the style of wearing royal colors not to forget ‘bandhej’ and ‘lehriya’ being all time favorites during this celebration. In the East, Bengalis celebrate Durgashtami where you witness women wearing pristine white sari with a beautiful red border.

When we mention the color red, how can the Karwa Chauth festival be forgotten? For it is during this day that women adorn as the brides no matter the age but it is an auspicious occasion when women pray for their better halves to be blessed with long and healthy life. Red saris are worn to celebrate this special occasion.

And finally the festival that India is so popular for and is almost celebrated wherever the Indians live across the world, Diwali or the ‘festival of lights’. Families so look forward to this festival as not only gifts are exchanged but women start dressing up from the day of ‘Dhanteras’ where Goddess Laxmi is been worshipped.  Pretty rangolis are decked up near the doorstep of every house along with pretty twinkling lights.

Whatever the festival, whatever the occasion, make sure to make life a grand celebration and to dress up in a sari is even grander. Do not forget to treat yourself like a queen, work and your home can always wait.