Top 10 Designer Sarees Online Every Indian Woman should Own

 We know you are in love with them already; it’s about time we talk about those that you proudly own and the ones that you desperately want.

 Hence, we have curated a list of the top ten stunning designer sarees online that are bound to find a way to your heart, your closet at least.

                     Figure 1 

If you ever loved green apples from Pirates of the Caribbean, then you are in for a treat.

This delight for your eyes is everything that print and design should have, suitable for most occasions. The drape is as elegant as it gets — plus, you get the blouse. 

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                    Figure 2


Who doesn’t love it when a saree has artistic print representing the ancient age and vibrant colors that make it look trendy and antique at the same time?

Fully weaved; once again comes with a blouse. Pure Linen fabric

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                     Figure 3

The lush green is the color of nature, promoting peace, harmony, and satisfaction - like loads of it.

Anything involving green? I’m down.

On top of that, you get to wear it every day, everywhere you go, and all star-studded eyes would be on you as you are the walking, feel-good feeling.

Fully weaved, 100% Linen.
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                    Figure 4

Shades of black, brown, and a pinch of golden - who said that drapes can’t reflect your identity?

 Here it is the virtuous piece for the virtuous ladies.

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                     Figure 5 

Even if we throw the model face out of the window, the saree will still look mesmerizing - don’t you think?

 Pink, smoky black, and flowers - everything a fine woman would love. Need I say more?

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                    Figure 6

That’s classy, no doubt about that?

Do you wanna look classy - there’s a doubt.

 If you know what you’re getting into, then why wait?

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                     Figure 7

This is cool, along with bangles; I hope we could help you with that as well, maybe in the future.

 Suits all skin tones - this is the best in biz and buzz.

Go out, have some friends over, or have self-love days - it will serve as a muse to your every tune.

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                        Figure 8
I am guessing pink is the keyword here. Otherwise, why would I go about recommending pink for every 3rd time I mention drapes? Maybe I am fond of this color, or this actually is that great — decide for yourself.

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                     Figure 9
At last, wine.

My fav color for sarees and a beverage, maybe the hottest a woman can look is in wine - or with wine. Not just that, it has silver too and flowers to add to my excitement about it.

Alright, I’ll shut up - but don’t you like it?

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                     Figure 10

Just kidding, if I shut up, how would you know about this trippy magenta color saree that may make you look outta the world, literally. Make your world come alive, our at least -

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