About Us

A saree is the ultimate celebration of elegance, grace and poise. As one of the most fluid pieces in one's wardrobe, it's more than just attire. It's an emotion that narrates stories. We Indians grew up watching our mothers and grandmothers draping sarees and how it's carried on from one generation to another. It sparks emotion, and its appeal is immeasurable for countless people. However, today's youth is shying away from wearing sarees as it's too "traditional". We are here to bridge the gap between sarees and everyday wear, we design sarees that make you feel comfortable and exude confidence. Why wait for special occasions when you can make every moment memorable!

Aura specialises in sarees weaved from 100% cotton or cotton blended with other fibres. The brand now has its presence in

Malaysia Sri Lanka Africa
Singapore Maharashtra  South and East India