About Us

In 2010, Mr. Yogesh Jain, the Director of S P Textworld, saw huge potential in the unbranded designer sarees that were created by Mr. Harakchand Jain and sold under the S P Textworld mark. He decided to brand them and hence, Aumi by Aura was born as a separate brand.

Aumi represents the form of energy that is created by nature to elevate oneself. The brand name comes from the fact that natural products are used to create sarees and other garments that in turn elevate the senses of women adorning them. Our mission is to become a leading global brand that provides affordable, high quality, stylish and contemporary women's Fashion Wear.

Driven by a commitment to detail and quality, the design thought for the collections is led by the chairman, Mr. Harakchand Jain, himself supported by professional designers.

Aura specialises in sarees weaved from 100% cotton or cotton blended with other fibres. The brand now has its presence in

Malaysia Sri Lanka Africa
Singapore Maharashtra  South and East India